An amazingly short history of philosophy

  1. In the beginning everyone searching for knowledge was doing philosophy. There was nothing else.
  2. Then, gradually, one scientific discipline after another started separating themselves from philosophy.
  3. Eventually, philosophy was “expelled” from so many domains that its main theoretical subject matter reduced to three areas: (a) history of philosophy, (b) various conceptual questions, and (c) metaphysics (which scientists were not interested in appropriating because it was resistant to the scientific method and was also widely regarded as being just a bunch of nonsense).
  4. Today, frustrated with the too-narrow research area that was left to them, philosophers are rebelling and getting back to discussing questions that were once rightfully theirs. Unapologetically, and even brazenly, they are injecting themselves into debates about various topics in physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, linguistics, psychology, anthropology, law, political science — you name it.

    It’s as if the Roman Empire came back and re-established its (partial) control over the territories that were under its rule many centuries ago.

    Philosophy returns with a vengeance!

One thought on “An amazingly short history of philosophy

  1. Woohoo!!! I sure hope so. I’ve been calling for this to happen since early this year. Philosophers MUCH needed to assist scientists & politicians in liaison capacity between the general populations.


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