Articles in English

The Curious Case of the Double Dissident, in T. A. Hillman & T. Borland (eds.),  Dissident Philosophers: Voices Against the Political Current of the Academy, Rowman & Littlefield, 2022, 229-246.

Kant Can’t Get No . . . Contradiction, Philosophia 48 (2020), 1961-1978.

Avoid Certain Frustration—Or Maybe Not?Thought 7 (2018), 218-222.

Is Racial Profiling a Legitimate Strategy in the Fight against Violent Crime, Philosophia, 46 (2018), 981-999.

Study Philosophy to Improve Thinking—A Case of False Advertising?, Quillette (July 1, 2017)

From Bad Logic to Bad Philosophy: the Case of Alain Badiou, Rightly Considered (March 10, 2017)

False promises, South China Morning Post (May 30, 2015)

Crossing the ‘Explanatory Divide’: A Bridge to Nowhere?, International Journal of Epidemiology 44 (2015), 1124–1127.

Women in Philosophy: Problems with the Discrimination Hypothesis, co-authored with Rafael De Clercq, Academic Questions (2014).

Confusions about Race: A New Installment, Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences 44 (2013), 287-293.

An Explosion Without a Bang, International Journal of Epidemiology 40 (2011), 592-596.

Where in the World is Carmen de Macedo?, Inside Higher Education (January 31, 2011).

The ICTY Verdict and Its Illogicalities, first published, in Croatian, in Jutarnji list (December 24, 2011).

Nature, Nurture, and Politics, Biology and Philosophy (2010), 433-436.

Race: A Social Destruction of a Biological Concept, Biology and Philosophy 25 (2010), 143-162.

Guilt by Statistical Association: Revisiting the Prosecutor’s Fallacy and the Interrogator’s Fallacy( under a pseudonym), Journal of Philosophy 105 (2008), 320-332.

Does Science Undermine Faith? (unpublished)

Gattaca, in P. Livingston & C. Plantinga (eds.), The Routledge Companion to Philosophy and Cinema, London: Routledge, 2008.

Sudden Infant Death or Murder? A Royal Confusion about Probabilities, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 58 (2007), 299-329. (Reprinted in A. Bird & J. Ladyman, eds. Arguing about Science, London: Routledge, 2010.)

Gay Marriage: The Victory of Political Correctness and Bad Arguments, English translation of an article published in Prolegomena 6 (2007), 5-28.

From Genes to Incest Taboos: The Crucial Step, in W. H. Durham & A. P. Wolf (eds.), Incest, Inbreeding, and the Incest Taboo: The State of Knowledge at the Turn of the Century, Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2004, 109-120.

Heritability and Indirect Causation, Philosophy of Science 70 (2003), 1002-1014.

Evolution of Human Jealousy: A Just-So Story or a Just-So Criticism?, Philosophy of the Social Sciences, 33 (2003), 427-443.

Philosophy of Science that Ignores Science: Race, IQ and Heritability, Philosophy of Science 67 (2000), pp.580-602.

AltruismBritish Journal for the Philosophy of Science 50 (1999), pp.457-466.

From Biological Inhibitions to Cultural Prohibitions: How Not to Refute Edward Westermarck, Biology and Philosophy 13, (1998), pp.413-426.

Reductionism and Supervenience, in P. Weingart et al. (eds.), Human by Nature: Between Biology and Social Sciences. Mahwah, N. J.: Erlbaum, 1997.

Recent Work on Human Altruism and Evolution, Ethics 106 (1995), pp.328-357. (Reprinted in N. Levy (ed.), Evolutionary Ethics, vol.III, Ashgate, 2010.)

Heritability and Causality, Philosophy of Science 60 (1993), pp.396-418.

Egalitarianism and Natural Lottery, Public Affairs Quarterly 7 (1993), pp.47-59.

Science and Politics: Dangerous Liaisons, Journal for General Philosophy of Science 23 (1992), 129-151.

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      1. Hi Tom, thanks for the reminder, and also for the interest! Sorry for the delay, I have been busy lately. But I promise I’ll do it by the end of October.


  1. I too would be interested in the translation of that article. You always have compelling arguments, especially on socially controversial topics.


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