LSE, Lakatos, and disappearing biographies

In my book When Reason Goes on Holiday (Encounter 2016) I argued that the biography of Imre Lakatos at the London School of Economics website was economical with the truth, in that it contained distortions and misleading implications that suppressed the full truth about some episodes of his life.

In the early 2016, on the LSE Lakatos page there were links to four biographies of Lakatos (including the LSE one) and to his Wikipedia page. Now more than three years after the appearance of my book — I know, post hoc does not imply propter hoc — all the links to biographies have been removed (including the LSE’s own one) and the reader is only referred to the Wikipedia page. Here is the screenshot of the part of  the 2016 webpage:


If you visit this page today, the only link of these five that is still there is to the Wikipedia article.

This is strange. The LSE regularly celebrates anniversaries of Lakatos’s birth, has one of its buildings and a philosophy of science award named in his honor, and yet it strenuously avoids saying anything about the life of its hero.

Here is the Lakatos chapter from my book.

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