​A philosopher looks at American politics

Here is my brief take on American politics, in bullet point form:

  • The Democratic Party is a mortal threat to the long term survival of the human species. (I think this statement is not the least bit exaggerated.)
  • Democrats hold the wrong view and the wrong policies—as wrong as it is possible to be—on every single issue, right down the line.
  • It is a cause of shame to any member of the human race to be a member of the same species some of whose members could vote for any candidate for president that has been offered by the Democratic Party. Such people seem to be motivated only by short-sighted greed, ignorance, fear, and hatred.
  • Democrats will settle for nothing except the complete tyranny of their party and their ideas over everyone else. (In this respect the American left is at present a kind of grotesque mirror image of twentieth-century Nazism.)
  • Under the policies of the Democratic Party, the human race is being rapidly propelled toward its extinction.
  • I fault George W. Bush only for thinking naively that he can treat Democrats as if they were reasonable people.
  • Of course, I am not going to go out and murder Democrats (except in my fantasies).

I expect many readers will strongly disagree with these views. Most of my philosopher colleagues will probably conclude that I must have gone nuts. And they would be right—if these were really my views. But they are not!

In fact, all these statements are taken from various interviews with philosopher Allen W. Wood (herehere, and here), the only difference being that in “my” version Wood’s word “Republican” is everywhere replaced by “Democratic” or “Democrat” (and mutatis mutandis).

It’s likely that at least some of Wood’s unbalanced statements have been read by many philosophers since a link to one of these interviews was posted on the well-known philosophy blog Leiter Reports. Yet I could not find a single critical comment by any lover of wisdom.

Maybe I’m wrong but I have a feeling that similar outbursts by a prominent philosopher wouldn’t be passed over in silence so easily if he switched the position and said, for example, that it is Democrats who are wrong on every single issue, that they are motivated only by greed, ignorance, fear, and hatred, that it is a cause of shame to belong to the same species as voters for Democratic presidential candidates, or that he fantasized about murdering Democrats, etc.

Once again it appears that, in philosophy, when two do the same thing, it is not the same thing.

One thought on “​A philosopher looks at American politics

  1. I was severely attacked when I wrote that the Trump Admin could not build better facilities for immigrant kids unless the Congress voted for more funds. One woman said I should lose my job for stating the obvious about the separation of powers.


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